» » Ministry Of Sound: The Mash Up Mix Old Skool [2CD] (2008)

Ministry Of Sound: The Mash Up Mix Old Skool [2CD] (2008)

Genres: VARIOUS COLLECTION / MINISTRY OF SOUND 3-10-2022, 19:45 350
Ministry Of Sound: The Mash Up Mix Old Skool [2CD] (2008)

Genre: Dance, Disco, Club
Time: 02:26:26 Min
Tracks: 44 Track
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Size: 335 MB

Disc 1
01.Last Rhythm/Two Can Play That Game [Acappella]
20.Rich in Paradise/ Devotion [Acappella]
03.Push the Feeling 0n /Break for Love/Dirty Cash [Club Mix]
04.Plastic Dreams/Pump Up the Jam [Acappella]
05.Lazy/Lazy /Can't Get Enough [Acappella]
06.Passion/It Takes Two
07.Take Me Away/Trippin'on Sunshine/Just Get Up and Dance [Acappella]
08.Pacific 202
09.Break of Dawn/House Nation/Know How
10.Keep Warm/Keep Warm /Show Me Love [Acappella]
11.I Believe/I Believe [Acappella]
12.Sound of Eden
13.This Is Brutal/Love Can't Turn Around [Acappella]
14.Let Me Love You for Tonight/Finally [Acappella]
15.Seasons of Jack/Pump Up the Volume/Everybody's Free
16.Sweet Harmony/Love Sensation 06 /Someday [Acappella]
17.Take Me Away [Techno Mix]
18.DJs Take Control/Right Before My Eyes [Acappella]
19.2 Bad Mice/Let It Roll 2K [Acappella]
20.Infiltrate 202/It's Love (Trippin) /Papua New Guinea [Dub Mi [Acappella]
21.No Idea

Disc 2
01.Inner Light /Stella/The Music Is Movin [Acappella]
02.Energy Flash/Dominator 2005
03.I'm So High/Music Power [Acappella]
05.Night in Motion/Rhythm Is a Dancer /Back Once Again [Acappel [Acappella]
06.Far Out/Where's Your Head At? /Make the World Go Round [Acap [Acappella]
07.Hurt You So/The Power [Acappella]
08.Playing with Knives/Feel Real Good/Whoomph! .....There Is Is [Acappella]
09.Everyone in the Place (155 and Rising)/No Good [Acappella]
10.Some Justice
11.Music Takes You/A Deeper Love [Acappella]
12.Bouncer/D.E.V.I.L. [Acappella]
13.On a Ragga Tip/Let Me Love You for Tonight [Acappella]
14.Searching for My Rizla 2008
15.Sesame Street/Do You Really Like It? [Acappella]
16.Trip to Trumpton/Magic Carpet Ride/Hideaway [Acappella]
17.Injected with a Poison/At Night /Last Night a DJ Saved My Li [Acappella]
18.Out of Space/Move Your Feet /Activ-8 [Acappella]
19.Renegrade Snares/Time to Burn/Trip to the Moon, Pt. 1
20.Only Me
21.Chopper/Freaky Ho /The Helicopter Tune [Acappella]
22.Valley of Shadows/Who Am I (What's My Name) [Acappella]
23.Everybody Loves the Sunshine
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